List Services


An outdated, incorrect, or incomplete mailing list is useless, and if you think you can manage your customers’ data using an off-the-shelf spreadsheet program, think again.

Let Sage Direct help you track customer moves, eliminate duplication, purge undeliverables, and achieve maximum postal discounts. Our services include:

  • List Building: We use demographics and psychographics to identify top prospects by age, income, education, interests, or buying habits, as well as using specific geographic criteria including zip code, census tract or block group.
  • List Verification: Sage Direct verifies the accuracy of your mailing list using the latest industry protocols as well as electronic address correction, phone number lookup, and area code updates. We also offer a variety of data appending, verification, and profiling services, so your lists cost-effectively meet your needs—time after time.
  • List Targeting: We can identify, locate, and contact customers in specific market segments to help you boost sales or improve overall customer satisfaction.