Employee Hiring and Training


Every Sage Direct employee understands the importance of maintaining customer privacy and confidentiality, and each contributes to the successful protection of customer information. Our key employment policies include:


Background Checks

All full-time staff with access to confidential information undergoes background checks; no one convicted of a felony is eligible for hire. Employees who have passed background checks are trained to monitor part-time staff that lack this level of security clearance. Part-time and temporary staff never work on financial data files or has access to computers containing sensitive financial or customer data.


In-House Training

Every employee attends a mandatory privacy training session conducted by Sage Direct management. The training includes a thorough review of Sage Direct’s Privacy Policy so that each employee understands his or her role in protecting customer information.


Fraud Notification

All Sage Direct employees are also trained to recognize potential fraudulent activity and the steps required to counteract it. In these instances, Sage Direct management and the affected customer are notified of the attempt and, when necessary, the appropriate law enforcement agencies are contacted.