Information System Safeguards

  • Secure Servers
    • Sage Direct clients whose customers use eStatements, can access their information on our password-protected network. This information exists solely on a secure network server and deleted after no more than 12 months.
  • System Back-Up
    • We back up all system information weekly to external hard drives. This process occurs daily and weekly. All back-up media is stored securely offsite.
  • Anti-Virus Protection
    • All Sage computers are protected with anti-virus software updated daily. Additionally, all inbound and outbound e-mail is scanned prior to reaching its destination. Firewalls isolate all internal networks from outside intrusion.
  • Password Protection
    • Sage Direct’s general SFTP portal permits access only to incoming and outgoing directories. Both are blind directories, meaning no one outside of our internal network can view any of their files. Confidential information remains inside the company, unless file ownership is established and authorized in writing. Any files deposited in the incoming or outgoing directories are encrypted and password-protected.
  • Data Destruction
    • All customer financial data, excluding eStatements, remain on our system for a maximum of 31 days. Hardware no longer in use has its memory destroyed, and all programs erased, by qualified computer technicians.