GRAND RAPIDS, MI– As a result of its explosive growth in 2020 and 2021, Sage Direct’s experience with a wide variety of core processors has increased significantly.


Core processors provide Sage Direct with files for statements, eStatements, daily notices, tax statements and more. Since each processor has different file structures, Sage Direct’s data processing skills expand with each credit union converted from a new core processor.


Currently, Sage Direct supports 16 core processors with a total of 21 different platforms. “Sage Direct was founded with a strong data processing and programming background and we continue to invest in our capabilities,” said Gary Sage, President. “By developing an experienced technical staff, we are capable of meeting the needs of the most state-of-the-art credit unions .”


Sage Direct’s technical experience provides credit unions with marketing opportunities and financial document flexibility not available at other providers. Mr. Sage added, “By selecting Sage Direct as your partner, the fear of change is eliminated!”


About Sage Direct

Sage Direct combines data processing and marketing expertise with the latest technology to provide credit unions and other direct marketers with statement processing and marketing support services. The company produces mailed and emailed statements, credit card statements, mortgage statements and more. Supplemental services include daily notices and alerts, tax forms and target marketing. All mail processed by Sage Direct is 100% accurate and performed in a certified secure environment. For more information, visit